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Biocompatible Impants

Biocompatible Impants

What are Biocompatible Dental Implants?

Unlike traditional, titanium implants, biocompatible implants are non-metal implants. This newest form of biocompatible dental implants, called ceramic dental implants or zirconia dental implants, offer a more aesthetic alternative to traditional titanium implants.

Qualities of ceramic dental implants:

Biocompatibility: Zirconium is an inert, tissue-friendly material with no allergic potential. It has been used in hip, knee and other joint replacement surgeries for decades.

Strength: The strength of the zirconia dental implant is exceptional compared to titanium metal implants. It is commonly used in aerospace engineering and joint replacement surgery.

Metal-free: Since these implants are metal-free, that means no allergic reactions, no corrosion, no galvanism effect, no metallic taste and no electronic disturbances.

Superior Aesthetics: The white color of the ceramic dental implant resembles the color of the tooth, making the gum always appear pink and identical to a natural tooth, even on patients with thin gums. This is much preferred over the metallic appearance of titanium implants, which can leave a visible dark line around the gums.

Oral Health: Ceramic dental implants retain less plaque and calculus than metal implants, reducing inflammation, gum recession and bone recession. The result? Healthier gums, better breath, whiter teeth and stronger bones.

The Material: Ceramic Dental Implants - Zirconium Dental Implants

Ceramic implants are made from a wide range of materials that, when compared to traditionally used metal implants, are harder and have higher temperature resistance, strength, lower density and excellent resistance to corrosion. Once of the most commonly used and strongest ceramic materials is zirconia, which is a glass-like material that is completely non-reactive with bodily tissues. Zirconium dental implants are made from special, industrial, high impact resistant ceramic (zirconium oxide, ZrO2) that is generally used in aerospace engineering because of its high resistance to fracture and heat. This is highly advantageous over metal dental implants due to reduced inflammation around the implant, reduced bacterial colonization at the screw-crown junction and reduced long-term bone loss. Zirconium dental implants are preferred by cosmetic-focused traditional dentists and exclusively used by holistic dentists due to the high quality material.

Unlike zirconium, pure titanium or titanium alloy implants contain metals that some individuals may have reactions to, expressed as either metal allergies or irritation and inflammation. Since ceramic implants are biocompatible, they eliminate concerns of allergies and biocompatibility issues thereby lessening concerns for damage to the immune system. Currently, it is estimated that 3%-5% of patients may be sensitive to titanium.

Biocompatibility is always a key consideration for Dental Solutions when it comes to restoring the patients' teeth and mouth to optimum health and function.

What is Dental Solutions' Ceramic Warranty?

As leaders in dental implants in Glastonbury, Dental Solutions is confident in their work and stand behind their results. If any part of a patient's ceramic (porcelain) restoration breaks at any time, Dental Solutions will replace the crown. We offer this guarantee because of the exceptional quality of our work and loyalty to our patients. At Dental Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves natural, healthy and beautiful teeth, and we stand behind our promise to deliver that to every single patient in our practice.