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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry

What is a holistic dentist? What is a biological dentist?

Holistic dentists, also known as biological dentists, are general dentists that operate according to the belief that your teeth are an integral part of your body and therefore contribute to your overall health. They recognize that your oral and dental health can have a major influence on other disease processes in your body. By following the paradigm of treating the cause of symptoms rather than symptoms themselves, Dental Solutions’ goal is to restore and sustain health.

When we work with our patients, we are examining more than just teeth. As comprehensive dentists we understand that other factors can impact dental health such as nutrition, material allergies, activity of dental materials, bite problems and other imbalances that may cause system wide health challenges.

There is an inseparable, complex and dynamic relationship of oral and systemic health within the context of the whole person. Clinical awareness and science demonstrate that oral activity is reflected in the body, and what happens in the body is reflected in the mouth. Dental Solutions unites the best clinical practices and technologies of Western dental medicine with alternative therapies.

The term "holistic" refers to the process of looking at and treating the complete body system instead of focusing on the individual symptoms. Our practice of comprehensive dentistry focuses on overall health and wellness, in addition to the standard approach of actively treating diseases in the teeth and gums.

Dental Solutions is concerned with how the whole body is affected by dental materials, techniques and procedures. For this reason, the practice provides individualized testing for biocompatibility of dental materials for each patient.

Dental Solutions - Natural, Healthy & Beautiful is holistic, biological, fluoride-free*, mercury-free and mercury-safe.

*Dental Solutions offers fluoride-free and traditional fluoride treatments for patients.